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Tekfen Manufacturing - Quality Policy


S In order to rank leader in our sector, it is the main policy of our company to assure a quality level to satisfy the demands and expectations of our customers, in lieu with the price levels and competition environment, to ensure customer satisfaction, and to fulfill the requirements of relevant standards and current legislations beside reliability, performance and security of our products. We as well shall ensure to take precaution for labor safety and healthy working environment.
A modern and high productivity operation and organization is the ideal for our company.
The target of our company is less nonconformity, less repair, less reprocessing, zero discarded product, less customer complaint and minimum accident which are significant parameters of production, economy and productivity within a quality system which supply more reliable products.
The perfect running of the quality system, as a natural result of the conscious efforts of the staff at all levels of our Company, will be the success of the general quality concept.
Efforts will be spent for customer satisfaction, for enhancing customer satisfaction and for our company's leadership in quality, the effectiveness of the quality system shall be continually improved, product reliability will be ensured, customer demands and complaints will be analyzed, evaluated and support will be provided for sellers. Contribution and support of the entire staff will be provided in such efforts.
I, as the General Manager of the Company, hereby undertake and guarantee to fulfill the requirements of the Quality System as well as the company's policies and goals, and to meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 on behalf of the Company Management.

A.Malik ARUN , General Manager