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Tekfen Imalat ve Muhendislik A.S. since 1970, has accumulated high quality in house know- how and experience and is known for its expertise and reliability in engineering, manufacturing and construction works.
Our company is involved in the engineering and manufacturing of:
All kinds of storage tanks; such as atmospheric floating roof, dome roof and cone roof tanks up to 200.000 m³ geometric capacity ,
pressurised spherical tanks up to 10.000 m³capacity ,
low temperature and cryogenic double wall tanks,
Pressure vessels such as drums, reactors etc.,

Process columns,
Shell and tube type heat exchangers,
Pressurized piping
Heavy structural steel fabrication,
Steel ladles, galvanisation baths,
Press steel structures.

In addition to engineering and manufacturing, our company is also involved in:
Site construction of cylindrical and spherical storage tanks, columns, etc.,
Turn-Key Tank farms, Storage Terminals including sea and land loading/unloading facilities,
Waste heat recovery systems,
Complete Factories.
Design and fabrication are carried out according to International Codes such as ASME, API, TEMA, AD 2000-Merkblatt, EN 13445, PD 5500, CODAP etc. and the company is qualified to work with all sorts of carbon , and alloy steel materials (including high tensile quenched and tempered), clad carbon steels, all types of stainless steels(including duplex and superdublex), non-ferrous materials such as Monel, Brass, Aluminum, Titanium etc.
Our company provides services including oil refineries, petrochemical, chemical, gas , iron and steel industries , power plants and storage terminals.