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Tekfen İmalat Products - Heat Exchangers

We are fabricating floating head, fixed tubesheet, U-tube and other shell and tube type heat exchangers. (Horizontal or vertical, overhead condensers, evaporators, suction heaters, condensers for vacuum systems and similar.) Exchangers are designed and fabricated according to ASME Sec. VIII Div.1 and Div.2, AD 2000-Merkblatt, EN 13445 or to other codes specified by the customer and to TEMA Class R, C or B.

In addition to carbon steel exchangers, if required, we can supply exchangers with various construction materials that include all kinds of stainless steel, duplex steels, titanium , copper alloys (Admiralty or Cu/Ni tubes, naval brass tubesheets) etc. Our past experience for example, includes exchangers for Turkish Petroleum Corporation with explosion bonded naval brass clad tubesheets, admiralty tubes and brass baffles, as well as Overhead Condensers for İzmit Petroleum Refinery with Cu/Ni alloy tubes. If required, we can supply thermal design as well for shell and tube type heat exchangers .