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Comprising over 40 companies, the Tekfen Group is one of Turkey's leading, blue-chip conglomerates, with steady growth since its foundation in 1956 and strong investments in various important industries including construction, agri-industry, finance and real-estate development. (www.tekfen.com.tr). The Tekfen Group continues to be among the league of local companies that have helped make Turkey one of the largest economies in the Mediterranean region and a candidate member to the European Union.

The Tekfen Group's Contracting Division has implemented giant public projects including some of the country's largest petrochemical facilities and oil refineries, pipe-lines, bridges, ports, motorways, the Istanbul Underground and new Olympic Stadium and other important infra-structural projects as well as large public housing projects, satellite towns and other civil buildings. Next to its important local role, Tekfen Contracting has steadily built its international base in neighboring countries and other countries in the region including Russia, Ukraine, Kuwait and Turkish-speaking CIS countries, among others. The Tekfen Group's acquisition of HMB, a construction giant of the former German Democratic Republic, actively participating in the reconstruction effort of the United Germany has given the group a strategic position in this important European market.

The Agri-Industry Division of the Tekfen Group is mainly engaged in the production, trade and distribution of plant nutrients. The group company, Toros Fertilizers is Turkey's leading producer and boasts a strong distribution network with direct access to farmers and end-users. The Agri-Industry Division has two large-scale production facilities in the south of Turkey, conveniently located close to one of the country's main agricultural farming areas. The division has its own electricity-generating, port, storage, and bagging facilities making it a virtually integrated business and has more recently diversified into feed grain, seed and seedling production through international partnerships.

Next to its traditional core-businesses in construction and agri-industry, the Tekfen Group has been actively engaged in a range of other sectors including finance and insurance, real estate development, industrial manufacture, textiles, foreign trade and others. Tekfen's founders, Necati Akcaglilar, Feyyaz Berker and Nihat Gokyigit are the group's majority shareholders and continue to provide visionary leadership for its further development.

The Tekfen Group is also well-known in Turkey and abroad for its dedication to cultural and social projects to further mutual understanding between nations and to help increase awareness of social and environmental responsibility in the business community and society at large.

Tekfen Construction & Installation Co., Inc.   Toros Agricultural Production & Marketing Co., Inc.   Tekfen Real Estate Development Investment & Trade Co., Inc.   Tekfen Insurance Brokerage Services Co., Inc.  
  Azfen / Partnership (Azerbaijan)   Toros Terminal & Maritime Co., Inc.   Tekfen Tourism & Facility Management Co., Inc.   Tekfen Industry & Trade Co., Inc.  
  Cenup Tikinti Servis / Partnership (Azerbaijan)   TAYSEB Toros Adana Yumurtalık Free Trade Zone Founder and Operating Co., Inc.           PAPFEN Joint Stock Co. (Uzbekistan)  
  GATE   Toros Ship Agency Services Co., Inc.           Antalya Studios Co., Inc.  
Tekfen Engineering Co., Inc.   H-T Seedling Industry & Trade Co., Inc.           Tekfen Kültür Co., Inc.  
Tekfen Manufacturing & Engineering Co., Inc.   Black Sea Fertilizer Trading Co.           Akmerkez Gayrimenkul Yatırım Co., Inc.  
HMB (Germany)   Mersin Free Trade Zone Operating Co., Inc.                  
            Antalya Free Trade Zone Operating Co., Inc.                  
            Türk Arap Gübre Co. Inc.                  
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